ESD Association is a non-profit association set up in July 1st, 2014 by 5 Belarusian educational institutions. Currently it`s made up of 34 members (2 universities, 3 postgraduate educational institutions, 3 vocational schools, 23 schools, 3 NGOs) from different regions of Belarus.

The idea of ESD Association`s establishment was initiated by the participants of the educational community  The Partnership of Sustainable Development Schools and supported by other educational institutions related to the areas of green economy, ecological education and teachers training (as potential facilitators of ESD practices). They have been partners in different projects since 2008.

The primary purpose of ESD Association is to represent and protect common property and non-property interests of the Association`s members and coordinate their activities in order to promote the ideas of Sustainable Development (SD) among different population groups in Belarus.

Mission of ESD Association – to foster of ESD practices and expand them in the formal and non-formal education for all generations.